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Intelligent self organized network systems

Fast learning in parallel distributed computing on cloud platforms

Simple knowledge extraction thru queries

Big Data Analytics

No matter how you slice it, data is just that – data. In and of itself, data doesn’t necessarily provide decision makers with the kind of insights.  This is where the right analytics tools are needed to help data scientists and business leaders make sense of the volumes of data that are pouring into their organizations.

Plausible Neural Networks (PNN)

PNN Technologies Inc. premiers in developing Plausible Neural Networks (PNN) technologies. Plausible Neural Networks is an intelligent self-organized network system that imitates human information processing and reasoning with parallel distributed network computations.

PNN Analytics for Big Data

PNN Analytics is new software system developed by PNN Technologies for analysis of Big Data. PNN Analytics builds high dimensional network models with millions of variables in the dataset. The relationship among variables can be easily understood through a query system of the network.

Make sense of data

In the Big Data era, model representations created from present analyses are narrow in scope, covering only a small subset of the data with limited understanding.  It requires human intelligence to construct representative models that can properly search through and find meaningful patterns in a large amount of data.

PNN uses artificial human intelligence to helps scientists and business leaders make sense of the volumes of data that are pouring into their organizations. PNN is a multipurpose data machine learning tool, a single architecture handles all kinds of problems in data analysis; such as multi-resolution clustering, classification/prediction, pattern recognition, user recommendation, risk analysis and decision support. PNN multi-resolution clustering is a state-of-the-art analytics feature, coarse and detailed pattern profiles are embedded within different levels of  network. A trained PNN network can be considered as an expert system that can communicate with humans through queries where knowledge and inference rules are extracted from input-output relationships.

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