Company overview

PNN Technologies Inc. is a privately funded company headquartered in the Washington DC area. PNN Technologies, Inc. is the premiere developer of  Plausible Neural Network technologies, co-invented  by Dr. Yuan Yan Chen and Joseph Chen.

Our Mission

Advocating sound statistical practice to societies,

Turning complexity into simple, Knowledge,

Exploiting machine intelligence to benefit mankind.

Dr. Yuan Yan Chen

Dr. Yuan Yan Chen


As, president of PNN Technologies,
“I have established a new mathematics foundation for statistical inference decades ago. I proposed to replace traditional hypothesis testing with hypothesis evaluation based on the belief measure, which is different from the probability measure. I realized that the Law of Thought is a belief logic system, which stems from neural computation. Plausible neural networks (PNN) is developed to demonstrate the propriety of this approach. PNN links the relationship between neural computation, information, statistics, fuzzy and belief theories; the network after training becomes a belief logic system.”