• PNN Solution

    PNN Solution is a first-generation intelligent self-organizing neural network software developed and patented in 2007 by PNN Technologies Inc. PNN Solution can be used to solve many different kinds of inference problems such as clustering, pattern recognition, and prediction. PNN Solution has also been customized for bioinformatics applications, including microarray analysis and proteomic analysis.

PNN Analytics

PNN Analytics is a second-generation intelligent self-organized neural network software system developed in 2016 by PNN Technologies Inc, currently it is patent pending. PNN Analytics is designed for analyzing Big Data and providing insight into data structures and hidden patterns. The software is written in Apache Spark on cloud platforms, which is the state-of-the-art cluster computing framework. PNN Analytics is a universal learning inference machine, a single architecture handling all kinds of analytics problems; multi-resolution clustering,  classification/prediction, pattern recognition, user recommendation, information retrieval, risk analysis, and decision support. Furthermore it is a self-organizing expert system, where inference rules can be extrapolated and clearly seen through input and output queries.